It seems that your budget is not enough to take you and your family members on a trip abroad during the holiday season. You might swear that you had seen much lower rates for flight tickets as well as for family hotel deals a couple of months ago. This is nothing unusual because airliners and hotel owners hike up their prices just before Christmas and summer holidays, once their occupancy rates has crossed a certain percentage. However, things are much different a couple of months before these holidays. During that time both airliners and owners of hotels offer discounts to lure tourists, both local and overseas, to ensure that they recover their operating costs during that period. Smart tourists know about this they plan their trip, purchase flight tickets, and book their hotel rooms at least three months prior to their trip to get the best bargains.

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Check your luck by searching online

You can check your luck by doing an extensive online search a couple of days before your planned trip. Chances are remote, but you might get both flight ticket and hotel accommodation at a slight discount if someone else has cancelled their tickets. However, be prepared to pay more than what you would have to had you planned your trip well ahead of the journey date and booked your hotel rooms and flight tickets. It is a well known fact in the aviation and hotel industry that the holiday season is the best time for them to get full occupancy on their seats and rooms respectively. With a bit of luck, you might get cheap tickets and relatively affordable lodging to European countries during the winter season, since most tourists prefer to visit countries that do not have a harsh winter at that time.

Costly options

Forget about securing tickets and accommodation in your last minute attempt, unless you want to travel executive class and stay in a suite in a 5 star hotel. This can severely dent your budget and you will hardly have any spare cash to enjoy food in decent restaurants, or purchase things you wanted to, including souvenirs for your friends, colleagues, and family members. Apart from this, you might have to stay at a hotel in a remote location, far away from popular tourist spots, and will end up spending as huge sum on transportation costs from your hotel to the tourist spots and back.

Advantages of booking in advance

You stand to save lots of money if you plan your trip preferably three months before the scheduled journey date. This allows you to purchase return flight tickets at highly discounted prices. Keep your eyes peeled for budget airliners. Select the tourist spots you want to visit during your stay on a map of the city you plan to visit. Join all these spots and select a 3 star hotel that is in close proximity to these locations and offers the best family hotel deals. This helps you save on transportation costs since you can walk to these spots instead of wasting money on transportation. You can use the extra money to enjoy local food in neighbourhood restaurants, and purchase gifts for yourselves and for your colleagues, friends, and members of your family.